Our Story

A celebration of women's music and the female voice

Corra Sound is a newly established group of singers with a love for performing, discovering new repertoire and celebrating the works of remarkably talented and often little known female composers.

Comprising a blend of professionally trained and high level amateur voices, we each have our own story to tell, but share a passion for music written by and for women, exploring the reach and versatility of the female voice. 

Individually, we have sung with over a hundred choirs and groups, performing countless works, and yet a tiny minority of those were written by women. As Corra Sound, our mission is to bring many of these works and composers out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Gaining a reputation for high quality performance across a wide range of repertoire, we long to celebrate these remarkable compositions alongside some better known works with you.

We hope to see you at a performance soon!

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Corra Sound is based in South East England.


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